• History & Experience
  • Diversity & Consolidation
  • Common goals
  • A team with initiative
  • Social responsibility
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History & Experience

Knowing about our origin is understanding our trajectory and our philosophy

Diversity & Consolidation

We take pride in getting involved in innovative projects consistently challenging ourselves.

Common goals

Achieving excellence in all our projects is only possible by complying with our clients and partners.

A team with initiative

Directors, employees and partners - a dynamic and integrated team in order to achieve a job well done

Social responsibility

We understand the importance of social responsibility and therefore support initiatives especially related to children

Close to you

We rely on your suggestions in order to continue constructing and working on quality projects.

  • History & Experience
about us

History & Experience

Given the trust and involvement of our employees, clients, users and partners SATOCAN has managed to become a consolidated and iconic company with the motivation and strength to keep growing.

  • Diversity
  • Construction
  • Tourism
  • Real estate projects
  • Renewables
  • Businesses in Puerto of Canarias


Innovative and independent projects majorly appeal to us given the development opportunities they have to offer. We take charge of them in order to give them the necessary impulse needed for their growth.



We pay attention to every tiny detail in our projects, from the first brainstorming until the time when the construction unfolds into reality. We find privileged environments and select the latest quality material.

Satocan has an integrated management system that allows us to demonstrate our commitment to all the interested parties of our business.



To differentiate ourselves in the tourism sector, we manage unique projects and employees, hence combining a touch of the modern and warmth in our designs. A satisfied customer is our reward.


Real estate projects

Our objective is to convert the floor of brick into a comfortable place with its own identity, not only through the design of the projects and the construction but rather through its empowered management.



Canarias is one of the most environmentally diverse regions with a high probability to develop renewable energy. We therefore invest in sustainable development projects of our islands by using energy efficiently.


Businesses in Puerto of Canarias

From the time of our origin as constructors of dams and port infrastructures we are linked to this sector. Currently our focus lies on the development of marinas and industrial activities in port concessions.

  • Common goals

Common goals

We believe in building relationships with businesses and people by getting involved in their projects with the same enthusiasm as that of our own.

A job well done would therefore not be possible without their collaboration.

  • A team with initiative
Human Resources

A team with initiative

The quality of our work would not be possible without the implications and the dynamic nature of the people that work at SATOCAN:

Employees, partners and clients are highly motivated and work towards a common goal: obtaining the satisfaction of a job well done.

  • About us
  • Vision / Mission
  • Values
  • Contact

About us

satocan júnguel sanjuan foundation, was born in mid 2006, to continue with the contribution made throughout its history by satocan group in the canarian society, collaborating and supporting humanity and solidarity projects that numerous groups and non-profit organizations carry out in the canary islands.

SATOCAN JÚNGUEL SANJUAN FOUNDATION focuses mainly on promoting projects and social initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of children at risk and vulnerability.


Vision / Mission

Our VISION is to serve as reference in human and social values in the Canarian society.

Our MISSION is to help children and youth in the Canaria islands, by promoting projects and collaborating in order to improve their well-being, personal development and social and educational integration.



Our work is based on the following VALUES:

- The Commitment we acquire at the start of each project.

- The Solidarity that we try to spread being the motor that ensures everything possible.

- Our complete Involvement in the projects by becoming a part of them and generating relationships through respect, closeness and mutual trust.

- Transparency in order to offer total clarity and reliability in the development and execution of our work.



Calle Concejal García Feo, 30

35.011 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

(Satocan Offices)


  • Close to you

Close to you

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